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asthma management

How to Manage Your Asthma

Although there is no cure for asthma, those with the condition can live healthy, active lives if their asthma is under control.

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Food Allergies in Children

Prevention of Food Allergies in Children

With the rise in food allergies over the last ten to 20 years, parents are understandably concerned about what can be done to reduce the chances of their child developing a food allergy.

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best allergy care and treatment

Allergy Care and Treatment: What Are The Best Options?

Allergies can cause great misery. Luckily, there are options to help manage symptoms and continue doing the things you enjoy.

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skin allergy

Contact Dermatitis: Substance-Triggered Allergy

Contact dermatitis causes localized rash or irritation on skin from a direct contact with foreign substance. The rash isn’t contagious or life-threatening, but it can be very uncomfortable until it goes away.

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