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allergy skin test

Allergy Skin Test: What You Need to Know

An allergy skin test is the most reliable form of allergy testing and is still the mainstay of allergy testing. Skin prick testing has proven to be more accurate than blood testing in diagnosing allergies.

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common variable immunodeficiency

Understanding Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID)

People with CVID are highly susceptible to infection from foreign invaders such as bacteria, or more rarely, viruses and often develop recurrent infections.

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oral food challenge

Oral Food Challenge: A Definitive Test for Food Allergy

If you suspect a food is the cause of your allergic reactions, don’t waste years trying to self-diagnose. Instead, talk to a certified allergist about an oral food challenge.

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allergy shots

Allergy Shots: A Life-Changing Allergy Treatment

If you have suffered from seasonal allergies for a while now and allergy medicines such as Zyrtec and even nasal steroid sprays such as Flonase do not alleviate your symptoms, allergy shots could be your best option.

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